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The Life Binder™ is a system designed to help you effectively manage every aspect of your entire life – to bind everything in your life together.  It is based around the fact that life is more peaceful and more productive when it is organized.  I started out helping people organize their belongings and their information.  I quickly learned that people really need help managing all of the to do lists in their life!

The Life Binder™ is a master to do list and the The Life Binder™ system is the mentality behind that list.  It is not a schedule or a planner, although it will teach you effective ways to schedule and plan.  It is not a place to store important information, although it will help you determine what is important to you.  The Life Binder™ is a process that will teach you techniques and strategies for effective life management, increasing your efficiency and your happiness on your path to success!

There are many ways to learn more about The Life Binder™

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Group Meetings 

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4 thoughts on “Your Life

  1. Hi Lola,

    How was the book signing?

    So sorry to have missed it. My brother died. I was in Los Angeles area Feb. 9 tending to services.

    Look forward to hearing how the signing went. (Every time I look at my clutter, I think of you, and I’m inspired to lessen it.)


    • Hi Theresa,

      I am sorry to hear that – my thoughts are with you during this time.

      The book signing was really great. It was well attended and I really enjoyed it! As for the clutter, it happens to everyone. Take it one step at a time and work through it slowly. Try to work on it for 5 minutes a day this week and see how it goes.

      I have missed seeing you around the coffee shop, hopefully I will see you soon!

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